His Name Is Alive – Raindrops Rainbow EP

November 27, 2005

11 Usually it is a bit upsetting when an album comes out that is different than the mold that they created. Raindrops Rainbow EP by His Name Is Alive is one of the exceptions. From it brings a warm, comfortable 1960’s vintage sound. “The World Is Not My Home” has a folky sound to it which works well.


Madonna – Confessions On a Dance Floor

November 27, 2005

8 I have spent my entire life avoiding giving props to the queen of pop. I guess for someone with so many fans, they really don’t need it. Rarely will I ever promote someone who’s songs easily make it on the charts and gets radio play like no one else, but this album is one of the few majors that I will write about. And deservingly so, nearly every song is a seductive blend of pop, electro and pure guilty pleasure that I only reserve for once in a year occasion. But this is more than a guilty pleasure which I would hide from the world, it’s actually an excellent album. So if you like gyrating, syrupy disco trash, then you will love this. Download Confessions On a Dance Floor


Röyksopp – The Understanding

November 27, 2005


Röyksopp had their huge hits with their previous cd Melody A.M. but the rest of the songs fell into a more bland background music category. The Understanding is a much more complete album, especially with its extra songs. In fact, I would say more than half of them are memorable. One of the songs that stick out, will probably become one of the more familiar songs on this album. It has an energetic beat and very cool, slick lyrics that really show off typical Röyksopp music.

Another song that has the magical digital floating effect that Eppel had, is “Only this Moment”. The one thing this song adds to its benefit are catchy lyrics. “What Else Is There” is a surprising song with it’s even, steady beat, fans of the 80’s music may find this song to be somewhat familiar or reminiscent of Berlin. “Go Away” and “49 Percent” are perfect synthy lyrical pop song that would fit on any top 40 station (in Europe at least). There are a few more decent ones (“Someone Like Me”, “Follow My Ruin”, “Beautiful Day Without You”) and rest of the songs fall into the cool, scandinavian, deepbeat catagories that make this for good listening, but nothing to write home about.

Go to iTunes to preview this.


Better late than never: my ode to the mp3

November 27, 2005

So many things are connected in the universe that it’s really difficult to know what is exactly independent on the success of something else. Here I am, years long after the days of (free) napster, on a Saturday night listening to the music of my new finds (ableit now via iTunes). I could say that it was the $400 5GB iPod that I bought in 2001 that brought me back to music, or it could be that I have endless suggestions of songs through iTunes Music Store or even the sound isolating headphones that brings the symphony of sounds to the direct center of my brain.

But really, we would have none of these if there was not some single, small file that could be copied and played with near cd quality. Sure, most of the files are DRM’ed and have some other flavor of suffixes added, but the idea of a small 3 MB file that can be backed up, and played on portable devices has completely changed how I listen to music.

Now its back to a punk mentality that existed in the 80’s. Maybe its just the difference of having a near fascist government in office, but now that trading information is the norm (whether it be files or ideas) we can see that the future will hopfully continue in this direction.

So my hopes for this blog is to gather my discoveries of good music in one place so that others can make those same discoveries. There is a ton of great music out there that does not get the airplay it should, so what doesn’t get played on the radio will most likely be listed here. Enjoy.


2raumwohnung – Es wird Morgen – Sexy Girl

August 30, 2004

2raumwohnung – Es wird Morgen – Sexy Girl


OK, I admit it. I got this song because it was one of the few in english, but it happens to be a catchy song.


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